Aerocool SMPS 450W VX PLUS 450

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Aerocool SMPS 450W VX PLUS 450


  • Best value power supply for entry-level system builders. Brand new and unique VX top cover design and Compatible with ATX 12V 2.3.
  • Upgraded transformer improves balance between 12V, 3.3V, and 5V voltage regulations and enhances the stability, allowing for heavy 12V loading system support. Powerful single +12V rail offers most compatible DC output to support high-end graphics cards and CPUs
  • High-end SECC with black-coated casing. Silent 12cm fan with optimized smart fan speed control. Fan runs in startup speed before reaching 50% load at 25℃ ambient temperatures.
  • C6/C7 power saving mode compatible with newest Intel processors since 4th Generation. Long 500mm main cable supports high-end case with bottom mounted PSU. OPP/OVP/UVP/SCP/SIP electrical protection included.
  • Continuous Power - Guaranteed 450W Continuous Power from Aerocool 80 PLUS certified - Up to 85% efficient, to reduce your electricity bill



AC Input 230VAC 4A 47-63HZ
DC Output +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
Max Current 18A 15A 30A 0.3A 2.5A
Max.Combined Power0 120W 360W 3.6W 12.5W
EAN CODE 4713105962741





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