Ant Esports LED Strip 350 ARGB

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Ant Esports LED Strip 350 ARGB

  1. Works with other Ant Products – With an additional proprietary connector, the Strip 350 can be connected and controlled with Ant Esports RF120, SF120 Fan Kit, or the ICE-511MT cabinet.
  2. Superior Build Quality – Made out of PU silicon the strips are durable yet highly flexible and impart a uniform diffusion of LED lights for a tasteful illumination.
  3. Dual Adhesive Options – The strip can either be stuck to a surface using the built-in magnets or the 3M tape making it suitable for metallic and non-metallic surfaces alike.
  4. Daisy Chainable – Each strip has a male 5V connector to add support for daisy-chaining and one can connect up to 4 strips together to increase length without comprising multiple 3-pin headers on the motherboard.

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