Belkin AC Anywhere-USB-200Wt Inverter for Car Laptop Charger with usb port

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Belkin AC Anywhere-USB-200Wt Inverter for Car Laptop Charger

Devices you can connect to the Belkin AC Anywhere: Laptop computers, portable television, DVD, CD & MP3 player, PC gaming tools, Karaoke player, electronic musical instrument, fax machine, mosquito-killer lamp, luminaries, video recorder, and cameras.

  • Main Socket and USB port Charger allow recharging of digital media players, cell phones, Laptops and other electronic devices together
  • Power Switch ON/OFF Operation.
  • Automatic Warning when the DC input Voltage is under 11.0V and automatic power off when under 10.0V
  • Self Protection on Current overload, over temperature.
  • Blade Fuse to Protect overload
  • Power on the go charge your electronic devices in the car while traveling
  • High-efficiency power conversion, which prolongs the automotive batteries service life
  • Cooling fan for temperature protection
  • The USB port allows simultaneously charging of mp3 players, cell phones and any other electronic devices
  • Warranty - Lifetime Warranty

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