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Portronics Wireless Health Devices Skip Por 120

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Portronics Wireless Health Devices Skip Por 120

Portronics proudly launches wireless Skip the new age cordless

jump rope that gives you the opportunity to do short time saving

work outs whenever and wherever. Wireless skip is a perfect integration of technology and utility giving you ideal gadget to exercise effectively;

as and when you want to. Wireless Skip is an ideal companion for cardiovascular conditioning. It features a Digital Panel that

measures the numbers of skips, effective workout time and calories burnt. It also allows you to preset the work out time as per your r

requirements and beeps you accordingly. The wireless

Skip gives you all the benefits of the jump rope sans its need for large workout space. Use the no rope wireless skip for exercising even in minimal space. With the No Rope technology prevents you from

tripping and allows you to train like the professional no matter what your age or your fitness level. Totally pocket friendly and trendy, carry

it with you to have short workouts anywhere in your bedroom, your office, and even when on vacation.

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