Quantum Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo QHM9350

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Quantum Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo QHM9350

  • Product 1: HPLUG & PLAY CONNECT: Instant connection with your laptop, PC or Smart TV. There are absolutely zero lags with the QHM9350 and it has a very stable connection.
  • Product 1: BOLD AND SLEEK DESIGN: The keyboard and mouse has been specially designed keeping in mind workplace ergonomics so that you can work with it for hours. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, durable and provides a comfortable position to your hand for typing.
  • Product 1: NOISELESS KEYS: The keyboard and mouse has soft-touch 55g keys which go all the way down when pressed. Moreover, it doesn’t create any sound while typing, enabling you to work without creating any disturbance.
  • Product 1: SPECIAL FUNCTION HOTKEYS: With hotkeys, you can perform a lot of tasks easily such as shortcuts, multimedia functions, and multitasking. It saves you a lot of time, effort and energy.
  • Product 2: Wide connectivity: The card reader can be utilized for fast data transfer between memory cards and usb drives using laptops, mobile phones, and tablets with OTG function. No need to install drivers or apps. This SD/Micro SD card/USB Drive reader can read two cards and one pen drive simultaneously and you can access or transfer data from your ped drive or memory cards directly to your OTG compatible smartphone without the need of a computer. All widely used memory cards are supported.
  • Product 2: On the Go Card Reader: This card reader is compact and portable which makes it easy to carry while traveling and you need to transfer the data. The connectors are shielded from dust and pollution by an attached protective lid.
  • Product 2: Best for Photographers: While traveling for a photo shoot, you can share beautiful pictures with your clients, friends and family by transferring the photographs you captured with your camera from your SD card to your phone using this card reader. Also, you can transfer the photos from your device to the pen drive.

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