Ant Esports Wente 210 Gaming Microphone

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Ant Esports Wente 210 Gaming Microphone

  • This Wente 210 condenser microphone for PC is compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Mac/PS4/PS5/Phone/Tablet (For Mobile use the required adaptors, which is note provided from Ant Esports). The plug-and-play gaming microphone Ideal for gaming, podcasting, recording, zoom meetings, streaming, Skype, chatting, online conference, podcasters, YouTubers, vloggers, gamers Online Class and Live. This streaming microphone set doesn't need additional plug-ins or complicated device setup steps.
  • 6 RGB lighting alters gradually modes. With soft and coordinated light effects, your game video or live streaming will be more rainbow. The rich RGB on the streaming microphone can meet the needs of more game atmosphere to pre sent pop and visual pleasant. You can immediately mute USB gaming mics on the game via the quick mute button.
  • Gaming microphone has volume Gain knob and headset volume Gain knob. If game sound affects your voice, you can instantly adjust the volume from the computer microphone for a podcast instead. 3.5MM Headphone Jack so that you can monitor the gaming microphone via the headphones to get a pleasant during games or streaming and no matter if it is PS4 & PS5 or PC gaming.
  • Designed for gamers, this USB condenser microphone offers clear and full sound with a cardioid pickup pattern captures clear, smooth, and crisp sound in front of the microphone while suppressing unwanted background noise. It's perfect for gaming, podcasting, recording, and more. Enjoy crystal-clear and well-balanced audio reproduction with this stereo studio microphone, which can handle high sound pressure levels without distortion and offers excellent feedback control.
  • That pop filters mounts on computer microphone dampens vibration - You can pull the USB condenser microphone near your mouth when using, streaming microphone are firmly clamped on the shock mount, which will reduce vibration noise caused by violently knocking keyboard and clicking mouse. External Detachable pop filter is tightly clipped on gaming pc microphone which can eliminate pop sound produced by your exciting words during game.

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