APC Ups 1100VA (1+1) BX1100C-IN

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APC Ups 1100VA (1+1) BX1100C-IN

Model No   BX1100C-IN
Power Capacity   1100VA
Product   UPS
Warranty   1 Year on Product 1 Year on Battery from Apc Service Center
For More Information  https://www.apc.com/in/en/product/BX1100C-IN/apc-backups-1100va-230v-without-auto-shutdown-software-5-india-outlets-1-surge/

Don't get left in the dark - keep your devices safe from power outages with APC's Ups 1100VA (1+1) BX1100C-IN! This Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures your important electronics will stay running even during a blackout, so you don't need to worry about finding the candlelight! Enjoy peace of mind and reliable performance with APC.

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