Iball Pen Digitizer (5.5" X 4.0") PD5548U

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Product    Pen Digitizer
Key Feature 

  5.5" x 4 wide working area allows large gesture sketching and drawing High resolution up to 4000 LPI  for pin point accuracy up to 166 RPS Response rate for fast and intuitive, Large gesture drawing Stylus pen with 1024 Levels of pressure for drawing programs Pen Scrolling document browsing, Create professional design and artwork,Supports most major drawing , painting and CAD Programs

Warranty   1 Year From Iball Service Center
For More Information  https://www.iball.co.in/Product/Desktop-Accessories/Pen-Digitizer/PD-5548U/11217


Iball Pen Digitizer (5.5" X 4.0") PD5548U

The Iball Pen Digitizer PD5548U is the perfect tool for drawing, writing, and crafting with precision and accuracy. Get ready to take on any project, big or small, with this efficient 5.5" x 4.0" tablet – you won't believe the creative possibilities! Make your mark with this nifty digitizer and show off your inner artist!


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