Kent CamEye - Dash Camera with GPS tracker for Car

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KENT CamEye is a first-of-its-kind car security device that uses dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car. The device acts as a strong deterrent against commonly-faced issues with drivers. KENT CamEye allows you to be in charge of your vehicle by checking the driver's behaviour related to various misuses. It is one-of-its-kind GPS vehicle tracking device that ensures 100% security for your car & passengers.
  • Live Video Streaming
    Inside or outside view of the car, when the car is in motion or parked, along with an option to initiate a 2-way call with car occupants using built-in microphone and speaker
  • In-Car Alarms
    The driver gets audio alarms inside the car whenever he breaches any set parameters e.g. speed limit, sound level, etc.
  • Trip Video Recording
    Records time-lapse video of inside or outside view when the vehicle is in motion. It has a night-vision enabled dual camera that allows automatic recording of both inside and outside views, along with audio recording.
  • Alerts on Mobile
    Alerts on user's phone whenever car over speeds, unknown driver is behind the wheels, and many more, ensures a safe commute of your family members.
  • GPS Tracking with Route Playback
    Track the real-time location of the car, making it traceable during exigencies. Check the details through playback of the route travelled by car.
  • Trip Analytics
    Get detailed trip related statistics like trip origin and destination locations, trip start and end time, average speed, distance travelled, trip duration, engine idle time, maximum speed, average temperature, total alerts and average sound level
  • Secured Cloud Storage
    The device saves all trip audio and time-lapsed videos on cloud that can be downloaded later.
  • Face Recognition Feature
    Face recognition technology identifies the person sitting on the driver's seat, from the list of familiar drivers. The device sends an alert on the user’s mobile if an unknown face is detected behind the wheels.
What Others Cannot Do

One device that acts as a dashcam and a GPS device at the same time along with a cloud storage

GPS Tracker DashCam
Live Video Streaming
Location Tracking
Dual Video Recording
Intelligent Alerts
Cloud Storage

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