Ozone Fire Warrior-99  Series Safe 145 Ltr

Ozone Fire Warrior-99 Series Safe 145 Ltr

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Ozone Fire Warrior-99 Series Safe 145 Ltr

  • 24 Months Warranty from the manufacturer starting from the date of purchase
  • There is a notify GSM box fitted inside the safe so that no one can do such breaks and even hacking.
  • Two alerts are activated in notify device: Wrong password, Vibration Alert Which (we can also modify)
  • 1 Master admin, 1 Authorised admin, and 7 User Mobile numbers can be registered, In which you can see the message of the alert
  • We can also configure two hooters inside one notify Device.
  • Notify system gets Power supply through power bank base, Which has to be charged twice every 12 days.
  • The Hooter is wireless & GSM that can be placed away from the safe.
  • Notify system is GSM-based, no wifi is required.
  • The Ozone Notify system is completely wireless, there is no wired connectivity.
    Notify system controlled by Ozone notify APP.
  • The Notify system sends the message of low battery indication before being discharged to the power bank.
  • A special feature in the Notify system is that you can also see the live data by going to the Notify dashboard, which is where your notification is running and where it is not running

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