Ozone Smart Lock OZDL-11-RF-SL-STD For Internal Doors

Ozone Smart Lock OZDL-11-RF-SL-STD For Internal Doors

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Ozone Smart Lock OZDL-11-RF-SL-STD For Internal Doors

  • 24 Months Warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase
  • The Digital Lock OZDL-11-RF-SL-STD is a marvel in regards to Digital Security. Its compact shape and easy functionality is its best asset, and its multiple access points ensure that you won’t get locked out! Suitable for 35-45mm door thickness.
  • RFID Card Access: RFID Access allows you to unlock the door by showing the RFID card to the lock; the lock recognizes the unique code embedded in the keycard through a radio frequency and unlatches the door
  • High Temperature Alarm: Alarm is triggered if the inside room temperature exceeds 65 degrees, and will unlock automatically to avoid dangerous incidents. Will deactivate after temperature falls below 65 degrees, or after removing the batteries
  • Manual Locking: Busy day? Manual Locking mode puts the lock in an unengaged position. No need to unlock in this mode using your fingerprint!
  • Automatic Locking : In addition to Manual Locking, the lock is engaged automatically within 3-15 seconds after it closes as per User defined instruction
  • Scramble PIN Code Technology: Enter any number within 15 digits, and the lock will open as long as the correct password is included in its original sequence
  • Dual Combination Mode : Two step verification mode; you can keep an additional layer of security by combining two forms of entry for unlocking, at your convenience
  • Auto Secure Alarm: Activation of audio alarm immediately after multiple incorrect PIN attempts
  • Low Battery Notification: The device triggers an alarm if the battery comes below a user-defined threshold reminding users to replace batteries days prior to the estimated discharged period.

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